Semi success

I’m getting there in my quest for a creamy non-dairy icecream, I’m about half way there thanks to this recipe which I adapted from here.

Vanilla Chai Ice-cream


2 cups of Oat Milk

1/2 cup Nuttlex

1/4 cup Silken Tofu

3/4 cup Brown Sugar loosely packed

2 tablespoons Arkadia Vanilla Chai powder

1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence

(1 teaspoon Arrowroot powder)

(2 teaspoons Canola Oil)

In a saucepan over medium heat mix Oat Milk, Sugar, Chai Powder, Arrowroot Powder and Canola oil, simmer for 5 mins stirring continuously.

In a blender combine Silken Tofu, Nuttlex and Vanilla Essence. Once combined add Milk mix and transfer to refrigerator for approx. 2 hours to cool.

Pour cooled mixture in to icecream maker and let run for 1/2 hour.

Simple as that creamy non dairy icecream!

Note for those who pay attention I forgot to add the Arrowroot and Canola which I’m sure would have made this much more successful so I’ll be a bit more careful next batch!


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