Girls gotta get

Out of the house!

Inspired by Renee of Renosslah I looked up the baby friendly sessions at nearby cinemas and Eve and I hightailed it out of the house this sunny morning.
You don’t get to choose the movie here, not sure about the offerings elsewhere, though considering Eve and I made up half of the audience and they didn’t keep the house lights on like advertised I’m pretty sure we could have seen any movie we liked.
The first thing I learnt is that a cinema is startlingly loud when basically empty.
The second was sometimes a movie you weren’t sure about seeing is a good choice.
Horrible Bosses is either incredibly funny, or I need to get out of the house more, or a bit of both.

I had a great often inappropriate laugh and really enjoyed seeing Jennifer Aniston doing something other than a romantic comedy, it would be great if it leads to her having roles that stretch her more. Also I wouldn’t mind her stomach for my own, just saying.
Eve screeched when we first got there which I was a little worried about but I put her on for a feed and she promptly drifted off for the remainder of the movie.
All in all it was a great way to get myself motivated and out the door, and I think we’ll be doing it more often.

6 thoughts on “Girls gotta get

  1. i really should try this – although my kid doesn’t stop moving and i can’t imagine her drifting off to sleep. but the thing about kids is, they can surprise you, can’t they? i should try it and then at least i’ll know i’m onto a winner or it was an epic fail and to never dare again. i actually wanted to see that movie 🙂

  2. I really want to see Red Dog so might do this next chance I get.

    Agreed it’s about time Jennifer Anniston tried something a bit new.. have heard this is really funny so am keen to see this one too.

    Yay for sleepy babies xoxoxo

    • I was thinking about making it a weekly thing, I don’t really have any company locally so it’s my best way of forcing myself out of the house.
      I’m so pleased she slept especially seeing she does not sleep well during the day normally, maybe I need to put blackout curtains up and crank the noise level at home!

  3. yay! its good huh?! You almost feel like an adult?! However since Tallulah is now on the go half the time I am chasing her up the stairs/chairs but its nice to kind of half listen and be entertained! I secretly want to see this movie…my taste in film has become quite dubious! haha

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