Happy dance

Anybody else doing a happy dance? Well done to our High Court in standing up to the Gillard Government and finding their “solution” illegal.
And welcome to our 4000 new countrymen coming from Malaysia, I hope you love your new life here.


2 thoughts on “Happy dance

  1. Yep welcome and I hope that they find peace and happiness they deserve in Australia.
    The whole fear of ‘boat people’ saddens me. The situation gets completely blown out of proportion, the fact that the vast majority of these people are legitimate refugees gets lost in all the scaremongering. Nobody seems to care that most of our illegal imigrants are the ones who arrive on aeroplanes. I hate the way politicians use it to fuel peoples fear and ignorance and I can’t believe elections are won and lost over it.

    • Exactly so many people just decide to overstay their visa yet somehow that’s better than arriving by boat.It’s no wonder we’re viewed as a racist country.
      But I can at least be happy with our court in the absence of a compassionate government.

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