sore little legs

Eve had her 2 month immunisations today ( a little early but seeing whooping cough is going around we got in sooner rather than later ).  She took it like an angel, a screaming red faced angry angel, but she did calm down fairly quickly.

To add insult to her injury when I took the tape off her legs she has red marks so the poor little bugger has mummy’s sensitive skin.  Seems like she got the best and worst of her parents.



Beautiful eyes (daddy says they are mummys, but I know they’re daddy’s)

Pretty brown skin – definitely daddy

Lovely long fingers – shaped like daddy’s but curve upwards like mine

Monkey grip toes – both of us

I could go on forever


Stinky farts – Daddy’s for sure

Unholy temper – Mine for sure


Right now she’s crashed out against me in the sling, probably shouldn’t have worried about buying her a bassinette…



6 thoughts on “sore little legs

    • Nothing special going in the oven unfortunately, I think it was fish fingers or something bad like that. I’m so pleased she got her daddy’s skin tone much more suited to the Australian sun than mine.

  1. I took lalie today for her six month ones (only 6 weeks late, oops!). It’s heartbreaking when they cry…such a different cry than I’m used to. A really honest cry… it’s awful.

    Don’t you wish you could select the best genes from both of you and exclude the worst? I hope Lalie has Paddy’s build and metabolism. So far we know she has his sensitive skin and very large feet (thanks to both of us!!) XX

    • I really hope Eve gets Mr.’s metabolism, much better than mine, also the height would be good too!
      I wish she didn’t have my temper, but maybe she’ll be better at managing it than me.

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