Busy little hands

A friend brought these lovelies to my attention.

Chewbeads, silicone necklaces that are safe for little hands and tiny mouths to play with and chew on. I’m hoping to order one soon in the hope of distracting Eve while feeding, when she gets frustrated and fidgety during a feed she likes to punch my boob or worse pinch it.

I’m having a hard time picking only one but seeing it’s my favorite colour and a colour you don’t see many things in I’m probably going for the Jane necklace in Chartruese.

Expect a review in a month or so once I get Eve’s busy little hands on one!


6 thoughts on “Busy little hands

  1. Love the colour you’ve chosen. Must show us what it looks like on and in action when it arrives.Seen a few on etsy that I really love but not sure if I’d want to wear them if you know what I mean.

  2. these are perfect! i’ve just been using old wooden beads on ball bearing chain but i’ve suddenly lost my set! lottie LOVES them. i’d pick yellow for sure but i’m yet to peruse other colours. knowing my luck though lottie pearl won’t want to chew them because they are meant to be chewed…..y’know?

    • Wooden beads sound great too. I really love the yellow it’s so bright and sunshiny also all of the blues. Too many lovely colours in the range! I know exactly what you mean about them not using things when you’ve bought them to chew on, or whatever purpose really. Especially the first birthday where they want the paper or box more than the toy.

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