Precious presents

As with most babies we received some lovely gifts for Eve. My favourites were handmade by two lovely friends quite independently of each other, but funnily enough two of my oldest friends intuitively made the one thing I couldn’t find anywhere.

Eve has not one but two precious handmade quilts.

One for her cradle and one for when she moves to her cot.

I love that they each have their own style, much like my lovely friends and are both practical yet soft and snuggly.

The cradle blanket is vibrant and lovely.

The cot blanket is intricate made with love and sentimentally handed down fabrics.

Eve's special quilt

Both are tangible reminders of the love of friends even when we are hundreds or thousands of kilometres apart.


4 thoughts on “Precious presents

    • There are some beautiful quilts out there, I’m thinking about learning so I can make one for when Eve transitions to a big bed. If I start soon I might get it done before she needs it!
      Maggie and Sparrow make divine quilts but aren’t in my budget just yet.

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