Sunshine and Soy

Little Miss has a real problem with dairy, although exclusively breastfed cows milk protein goes from me to her if I have the slightest amount of dairy.

This means constant reading of labels and a newly developed aversion to eating anywhere but at home. I have been floored by the things that contain milk among the most WTF examples, potato chips and gravy mix.

The latter being our undoing this weekend. I’ve thoroughly label checked our pantry and know what I have purchased is safe for me to eat. Unfortunately for Eve a well meaning house guest purchased and used a different store brand gravy when making dinner Saturday night, me thinking the Gravox we already had was being used ate the milk tainted gravy. So our Saturday night was filled with pained banshee level screeching, our Sunday with more of the same coupled with angry irritated skin (and tired irritated me).

Some lovely sunshine filled walks in our lifesaving baba sling* and calming chai lattes (made with oat milk in beautiful double walled glasses – Pavina by Bodum great for keeping a drink hot with how long it can take to finish one with a new baby) helped salvage my sanity on Sunday.

Today will be filled with educating myself further on the joys of Soy based products and trying to perfect a creamy soy ice cream recipe, because while So good soy ice-cream is nice being bake to choose from the diverse joys of vanilla or chocolate just isn’t enough to console me for the loss of dairy.

So far I am grateful for treats in the form of Arkadia Vanilla Chai Latte mix which I make those Oat Chai Lattes that my brain is soothed by, Lindt Excellence 70% or 85% cocoa dark chocolates that help me forget all those other lovely chocolates that I now can’t have and Tofutti which is a great cream cheese replacement. I’m also grateful for the sunshine and spring breeze that soothes the little Miss between tummy pains and calms her down.

I also feel gratitude that I don’t have to avoid gluten as well as dairy and don’t know how my friend the awesome mother (an awesome writer who is far too critical of her continuingly evolving literary skills) of my goddaughter manages with her Misses’ restrictive diet.

*which I can’t thank Em of Desert Darling enough for recommending


6 thoughts on “Sunshine and Soy

  1. wow – that is crazy it has such an immediate effect on your babe! i have a dear friend who is fructose intolerant. the most unlikely things like ‘onions’ sends her bent over double. good luck on your new adventure. the internet is a wonderful place so i’m sure you’ll find lots of info and new recipes out there. meanwhile, i’ll keep my eye out too! my husband is a vego so sometimes i come across dairy free recipes – actually, speak of the devil! i saw on martha the other day an amazing chicken curry she made with almond milk! its on her website in her food section, i just typed in the search almond milk curry chicken. although that doesn’t solve your ice cream problem!

    • That looks so yummy that will have to be on the menu this weekend, thank you! I’ve so far made an oatmilk mocha ice-cream but it’s more of a sorbet very nice but I’m going to keep working on the creaminess, maybe some soy cream…
      Your poor friend fructose would be a sneaky one to have to avoid, I wouldn’t have thought of onions.

  2. oh drats. Damn food intolerances. What a spanner in the works, you poor thing!
    You are doing really well to persevere with the breastfeeding regardless.
    I have actually started to wonder about the affect of dairy on Bay, it seems to upset her tummy a bit (but not the extend that poor Eve is suffering though) I would find it really hard to cut out dairy. You are doing an amazing job!!

    Glad you are getting some use out of the the sling!

    • Thankfully we now know that around four day of being miserable is the price we pay for dairy. So she’s much better again and I’m hoping not to have any further slips so we just have normal baby grumpiness to deal with rather than milk induced pain!
      I’m pleased that I’m still managing to breastfeed but a big portion of that is not wanting to deal with making bottles.

  3. Oh gosh this sounds incredibly hard! Sounds like you’re doing really well though, good on you! As for those scooters – thank you for the information. That purple scooter is a bit heavier than the ones for the littler kids …. which don’t come in purple. SO, green it is! She’s only two, surely she won’t care that much. Right?! xx

    • I was so disappointed when I realized the purple was the wrong size! I’m sure she’ll love the green, the colour won’t matter the second she realises that it’s hers.

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