Last minute mum

Last Friday Aquaman brought home a note that this Friday was book week dress up day. Not only that but the theme was Australian book characters.
This is decidedly easier when the kids were little but he’s 12 now so I don’t think I can get away with green sheep or hungry caterpillars.
Couple that with the fact that it’s Thursday and he hasn’t told me who he wants to be and I’m yet again last minute mum.
I spent Thursday morning racking / wrecking my brain trying to think of (okay google) suitable options.
Inspiration struck when going through the works of one of my favourite authors Shaun Tan and luckily for us I didn’t have to do any last minute frenzied shopping.

Based on The Arrival we have our Australian character.

Not sure it would’ve been Aquaman’s first choice but my boy loves to wear a suit so we’re good to go.

The Arrival

Anyone who hasn’t read or looked at Shaun Tans’ art go like now and check out one of my favourite Autralians.


4 thoughts on “Last minute mum

  1. Well done mama – brilliant job! Love Shaun Tan. Lucky enough to have done a few workshops with him when I was teaching. Lovely man and love all his books and his beautiful illustrations.

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