A month of you

Eve Mercury - 1 month

Today you are a month old. Already I don’t know where the time has gone, soon enough like your siblings you’ll be in / verging on your teens and time will seem to have passed in the blink of an eye. But for now I’ll embrace what I have learnt about you in this all too fast first month.

You are still a squiggler just like on the inside you rarely stay still, but now we can see just how strong you are. Holding your head, neck and shoulders up for such long amounts of time right from day one was an unexpected ability. Wiggling your way up my body if I lay you on my tummy was another one.

You are trying really hard to master facial expressions, even seeming to practice in your sleep. My favourites are when you let go of the breast fast asleep and smile. Also when playing around with your very long tongue you make Manny face.

Manny Face

You don’t like being naked so getting you changed or ready for bath time is a noisy event, daddy says if you can keep that up until you’re 21 he’ll be happy.

Strangers stop to coo over you in the street, I like to think it’s because you are almost always an exceptionally calm baby.

These lungs go up to 11. For such a calm baby when you protest you do it in an unmistakable way. You also growl at me if you feel I’m not getting the breast to you quickly enough, this makes me laugh because you usually have your little fists in the way. You truly live up to your middle name with how quickly you go from calm to furious and back again my mercurial little girl.

You fart A LOT, but we’re working on taking the dairy out of my diet and that seems to be helping.  The farting is pretty funny to us though, that’s how we roll.

You are a lovely fascinating creature and I’m so glad you arrived to complete our family, don’t grow up too quickly.


19 thoughts on “A month of you

  1. She is divine! I can see a lot of you in her.
    I am in shock it has been a month already!!
    What a strong and beautiful Babe, she sounds like a real little character and I’m glad you are having so much fun.

  2. Do I spy some rainbow tights? Can’t believe it’s been a month already and she seems to have grown up so quickly! Your post is making me reminisce about Lily when she was a month old…they really do grow up so quickly. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about Eve as she gets older!

  3. ha, my lottie pearl was a strongen’ with a cry that could be heard across the post natal ward……and like you, i wouldn’t have it any other way. enjoy 🙂

  4. such a lovely little girl and I love her gorgeous feet! they certainly come out with their own personalities in place don’t they? sienna also growled and coughed and then got so much attention for it that it is now a husky yodel:)

    • Thank you, she definitely has her own personality, a lot of which is like daddy except the temper which is mummy for sure! I love that your little one has developed the call for attention, a husky yodel is much cuter than the squealing my son developed, I hope Eve sticks with the growl.

  5. Oh she is just gorgeous!

    We have a little farter too – and we think it’s hilarious! I never thought that farting could be caused by dairy. Everly also spits up a lot and has reflux – maybe I should omit dairy from my diet? Hmmm…

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