In my own skin

Some subtle shift has slowly slipped in since Eve was born.

It could be a trick caused by the illusions cast in my sleep deprived state, it may only last a short time before uncertainty rears it’s familiar head.

But for now it is a tangible welcome change, I feel comfortable in my own skin.

Doubts about how I look, my bellys’ extra fullness and other insecurities have been swept aside.
Maybe there’s no room for them in this new baby cocoon, maybe my head is filled with the serenity of knowing our family is now complete.

I didn’t feel this in the afterglow of the births of my first two children, maybe in some small part it is anchored in knowing the limits my body can be pushed to, and through.

But for now I will enjoy my new found confidence and direction so that even if this feeling is fleeting and fades away, I’ve made the most of this bliss.


4 thoughts on “In my own skin

  1. how wonderful.I hope the feeling of peace is here to stay.
    I wish you could bottle it and send some of it my way!

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