Breath taking

You might remember the wolf that I coveted when I was pregnant with Eve.
I procrastinated over it too long and missed out. I contacted Regina from Every Eskimo and ordered a custom made piece for Eve.
Because she is a winter babe I thought an Arctic Wolf would fit best.
I asked Regina for that and let her know a few other features that I’d loved on her other works, what she came up with is more beautiful than I’d imagined.

I also adore the little back story Regina created:

a sweet little arctic wolf who likes fancy things. dressed in lace and trimmed in fur, she even has a vintage button to keep her capelet fastened.

she’s quite dainty about everything except dinner. it is a most difficult thing to teach a wolf table manners.

this little wolf is about 7″ long and 5″ tall. she’s hand stitched from a vintage pendleton wool & tightly stuffed with lambswool. her decorations are all hand-embroidered and rescued from vintage scraps.


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