Things we’re loving

Now that we’re some way toward figuring out Eve’s routine, feed, sleep, grunt and growl, sleep, I thought I’d prematurely list things that we’re loving.

Our Pea Pods cloth nappies


So much nicer than disposables and nowhere near as much work as I thought they’d be. Having used the old fashioned cloth nappies with my first two, I have to thank whoever came up with the concept of modern cloth nappies.

Baby wearing

Eve loves to be held, and after carrying her for nine months I’m not ready to put her down. We have a Moby wrap, which when it’s on and Eve is snuggled in I love. Getting it on and Eve in not so great especially if she’s cranky to begin with. So taking a lead from Desert Darling I’ve ordered a Baba sling in the hope that it will better suit our carrying needs. I was lucky enough to find an embroidered one on special at Mint and Lilac which is on it’s way to us now.


Eve’s first library bag

I took Eve to the library last week and we got her free first library bag. It has two books and a bunch of information on reading with babies through childhood.


All about Heidi shoes

Ordered from the beautiful Dragonfly Toys found via Che and Fidel also seen modeled by the adorable Eulalie on One Claire Day. I’ve chosen yellow in the 3-6 month size, so it will be awhile before Eve wears them, maybe in time for nicer weather?


Chewable baby toes


Pretty baby eyes


Sweet baby yawns



13 thoughts on “Things we’re loving

  1. She’s gorgeous Lila… good to hear you’re finding a routine šŸ™‚ It’s amazing how tiny they are and how much they grow, even in 6 months. I can barely remember Lalie being that small. I have the Purebaby dress in that print for Lalie – so soft and gorgeous. That sling is so pretty and that little library bag is super cute for a mini bookworm. xx

    • I look at my older two and find it impossible to believe they were even smaller than Eve, it goes way too quickly.
      I’ve been thinking about getting the top in a bigger size as well because I love the print so much.
      The sling arrived today and is lovelier than I thought.

  2. Awwwww!
    I really want to try cloth nappies but don’t think Hubby will be on board with that šŸ˜¦ Ah well I’ll just hope he gets sick of disposables!
    Our sister in law has given us a whole stack but not exactly sure how to use them!

  3. Lila, Eve is just beautiful. Love this list, specially the library books. miss s loves her books so much that she uses them as a comforter rather than the dummy at the moment.

  4. Eve is my crack- I can’t get enough of her!! Those eyes..! she looks so alert for such a little person…
    Thanks for those links.. I had noticed those awesome little shoes on Claires blog.. they are so stylish.. I wish they came in my size.
    I love those packs you get from the govt.. the bounty bag, the rhyme time pack, the library bag.. I think it’s really good that they encourage those sort of interactions with your baby.. the DVD from the rhyme time booklet is really good for jogging your memory if you have forgotten the words to the songs..!!
    Very interested to know how you get on with the sling.. I found it took a fair bit of perseverence but I’m glad I did!

    I have just done a big post on cloth nappies- it took me a little while to get on board but I’m loving them and I think Eve looks like the perfect model for MCN!
    She is darling

    • You know I love seeing Bay just as much, it’s lovely seeing her grow.
      I’d wear the shoes if they came in my size for sure!
      I’ll have to see if I can get hold of the rhyme time pack.
      The sling arrived yesterday when I was on my way out the door and so far so good. I need to re adjust it because I lengthened it to lay Eve down inside and she hates that, she likes her head out and neck supported by the side.
      It was actually a photo of Bay wearing her nappy that made me stop using the disposables that we’d been given and try the cloth that we had, I’m so glad I did it’s a lot nicer.

  5. Lila I just noticed that you commented at my site the other day asking what I thought of the shoes! I’m sorry – I only just noticed it as it was in the giveaway comments so I wasn’t expecting it there — you won’t regret buying them – I just love them. They are the only pair of shoes Lalie has. They fit well and never fall off and they age so beautifully – all buttery soft and vintage looking. I’m going to order more colours in the next size pretty soon! Claire xx

    • That’s okay, I’m glad you like them, it was hard to stop at one pair when I ordered them. I figure they’ll be lovely to put away or pass on to someone else when Eve grows out of them. I love the outfits you put Lalie in, you give me great ideas for when Eve gets bigger.

  6. Those TOES! So cute. Love those little shoes too. We used bum genius nappies and I can’t recommend using cloth nappies highly enough. It so wasn’t a nuisance to do an extra load of washing every day or two. I mean, there’s already so much washing anyway, what’s another few loads! Kellie xx

    • I’m still loving the cloth nappies, so much nicer on her little bum. I think she sleeps better with them too. I don’t mind the washing either, like you say what’s another load!

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