Two lovely weeks

Two overly quick weeks


Enjoying my sleepy milk fed baby snuggled into my breast.

Getting to know each other and those sweet little noises Eve makes.

Battling mastitis through sleep, heat and antibiotics.

Getting rid of sticky eye for Eve.

Missing my bigger two who are off on holiday adventures.

Enjoying the peace before more visitors arrive later this week.

Two normal up and down way too fast weeks enjoying our wonderful new love,


4 thoughts on “Two lovely weeks

  1. She looks heavenly!Is it bad I want to eat your baby??
    She is just way too cute!! I can imagine how wonderfull she must smell!
    Eep, two weeks already!
    That sucks about mastitis. I hope you are on the mend.

    • I’m always chewing on her cheeks and toes. She smells lovely, when she was born she smelt like flowers.I am on the mend thanks, the antibiotics are doing their job thankfully.

  2. Is that a Pumpkin Patch top?Looks just like one my aunty gave us for Buggy at my baby shower on the weekend! I love it!
    Doesn’t time just fly… She is adorable.

    • Yes it is Pumpkin Patch I got it on sale, it’s the NB size and is a little big for her but I just roll the sleeves up and it’s fine.Time is going way too quickly.

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