Heart a day

I finally finished the pram toy that I started knitting early in my pregnancy.
I’d managed the hearts and then put them aside until now.
Yesterday I found some bells then stuffed and stitched the hearts.
Today I finished the trim and put them all together.




A few minor issues, the bells don’t really jingle, and the weight of the hearts are a little much for the trim, but if I pull it tight across the pram it should be fine.

It’s nice to have finished another little project, yay not working!


10 thoughts on “Heart a day

    • Thank you. Try and get a beginners chart, there are some on the Internet that shows you all the basics. I found that I have a book like that that I still have to refer to for crochet as that won’t stick in my brain. Good luck with the learning, I was lucky to have an extremely patient grandmother to teach me.

  1. It’s beautiful.
    Just stunning.
    I want one!
    I wish I could do stuff like that.
    Hmm… My sister is learning to knit. I’m going to send her a link to your post!!!

    • The hearts were a free pattern I found on Ravelry and the trim was just made up as I went. It’s all basic knitting as I can’t do anything very fancy. Let me know how she goes. Id offer to do one for you but it was pretty time consuming with the hearts.

    • I find my worst habit with knitting is getting bored and not finishing a project, so I don’t really do anything bigger than baby bits. There are a lot of things I can’t do like lovely cable knits, I’m pretty basic in my skill level.

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