Not quite

Today I spent a very luxurious day in bed. I didn’t make it through my final week at work. On Monday when I was limping out to the car I knew that was it, thankfully the doctor agreed with me. Today I caught up a little on sleep, a lot on not moving and therefore not aggravating my pelvis and plotting out the rest of the wait.
Tomorrow night we have a quiz night to attend and on the weekend super best man arrives to stay with us for a week, in the hope that little miss will arrive just before or during his visit.
I’m going to try to fit in some swimming with my positioning exercises and some walking.
I have a couple of crafty projects I need to finish. Some more vintage style dolls and a knitted pram toy that I have to sew and stuff.
I guess we’ll see how much I get done and how long squiggle takes to decide she is ready to make her way into this world.

These are the last batch of the dolls I sewed, they were my goddaughter’s birthday present.

5 thoughts on “Not quite

  1. I’d buy some too! They are beautiful!
    Would love to see your other crafty projects.

    I am so so so happy to hear you have finished work. What a relief!
    Now is a time for resting, focusing on yourself and saving your energy for birthing your babe.

    I feel your pain- I could hardly walk for the last two weeks of my pregnancy! My swimming sessions were more about sitting in the spa, with the jets pointed at my back. hehe.
    Enjoy your last week or so of R&R, you have truly earned it.

    I hope your little Miss doesn’t keep us waiting too long.. I’m so excited that she is almost here!!

  2. Thanks ladies, I don’t think they’re good enough quality to sell them but email me and I’ll send you one.
    I’m really glad I finished early, today would have been my last day and I would just have been a zombie if I worked until now.
    I keep meaning to ask if Bay turned before you had her? Miss seems to be determined to stick to the posterior position.

  3. Hey Love- How funny, I was really worried about her being posterior or not when I was pregnant, but I don’t actually know if she ever turned? I had a checkup the same day I ended up going into labour and she was still posterior. The Mr seems to think that when she came out she was face up which would mean posterior.. but he’s not 100% sure..
    In the end it didn’t even matter- My labour was fairly quick (had her 90mins after I got to hospital) and I didn’t have any major dramas pushing her out.
    I do remember reading that first babies tend to turn before you go into labour, but for subsequent babies they don’t usually turn after labour starts. (they descend in the birth canal a bit like a corkscrew! If they start off posterior it just means they have a bit more turning to do) So please try not to give it another moments worry! I wish I could go back in time and tell myself not to obsess about the anterior/posterior thing, I wasted lots of energy stressing about it..
    Keeping upright and active as possible during labour will give your Girl the best chance of doing the turning she needs to as she descends.. But even if she does’t it’s not necessarily the end of the world!

    • I’m so glad to hear that, my last labour was very long so it has been on my mind a little too much. But I’m going to take your advice and just let it go. Worrying won’t change the outcome. Hopefully she’ll follow Bay’s example and come nice and quick.

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