38 + 2

Anytime now, at least that’s what I keep telling myself.
My last week at work is ahead of me. My pelvis is over ripe and stretching too well and I’ve had a head cold since Tuesday. But it could be worse, I could have pre-eclampsia or any number of other horrible things.

Little miss squiggle is still posterior, I guess if that changes it will be a fair indication that she’ll arrive soon. At the moment it’s her way of telling me she’s not quite ready.

Hopefully this will be the last week of waddling round the market, the last week of climbing the stairs at work and training my replacement.

In good news Mr Wolff is expecting a phone call on Wednesday from a law firm, during which they will schedule his interview. Fingers crossed that it will all go well and lead him to a happy first job in law.



4 thoughts on “38 + 2

  1. Ooo do I see those cloud book shelves (including a ‘Where the Wild things are’ book), and a Breast friend in the background? You look so good by the way. Hurray for your last week at work! Fingers crossed that Mr Wolff goes well in this interview!

    • I couldn’t resist the cloud bookshelves, there’s limited space in the roomso nowhere for a bookcase and as we rent no putting up shelves. I love books very much so wanted some handy to read to Miss when she arrives. I’ll probably put some reading in there for me once I get breastfeeding established. The brestfriend was a gift from work so I was very spoilt.
      Thanks for saying I look good, I feel “beached as”,and also the well wishes for the mister.

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