Name game part two

You might remember a while ago I was very stuck on a name that someone else had just used.My dilemma was that even though we didn’t know each other in person it still felt like name-napping.
In the end I was prepared to overlook that because unless you make something up, and possibly even then, other people will use that name.
Once I let go of the hang up the strangest thing happened. I was over the name. It was like a silly childish ‘I only want something if I can’t have it’ situation. I still stuck with it for a while because nothing else stood out in it’s place.
Until we had the ultrasound a few weeks ago.

Looking at her pretty little face I couldnt see her with that name at all, I couldn’t see her as Priya either. I could see a simple short palindromic name and thankfully Mr. Wolff could too.

So baby girl has a name other than squiggle.

I would share now but we aren’t telling family until she arrives and they’ve been trying pretty hard to get it out of us, so I don’t want to take a chance that it will slip to them if I put it out here.

But as soon as she arrives, you’ll know.

( I hope it’s soon I don’t think I can make it working until the 1st of July )


14 thoughts on “Name game part two

    • Won’t be long now I don’t think. I just can’t wait to see her and see if she has the mans’ lovely coffee colored skin.Also we chose the last name and added it to Mr.’s family name so that we have a name that’s new to our little family.

  1. How exciting!Congratulations on name choosing! Can’t wait to hear! Not long now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are 99.99% set on a name for our daughter too!
    But we are the same as you – not telling anyone…
    I discovered one of the guys I work with has a daughter with the same name as the one we have chosen, but have not let this bother me and are still quite keen to go ahead with it..
    I just don’t feel that we can say Yep… That’s your name till we see her? We still have some time to go though so will see what happens.

    • I think the deciding moment is when you see them but seeing the last scan was enough for me to be sure, if it was one of the older style scans I would be waiting till she arrived, for sure. Can’t wait to hear the name you have chosen, was it one from your list a while back?

      • No! Mine wasn’t on that list!And I think your right.
        You had that last 4D scan done quite late, where as ours was at 22 weeks and we wont see her again till birth.
        It makes sense.

  2. It is such a beautiful face!How wonderful to be able to peek at her in such detail, before she makes her official debut!
    Very excited to hear the name you have chosen.. what a relief it is when you find the ‘right’ one.
    Fingers crossed that she doesn’t keep you waiting too long.. Every day at work must feel like a month.
    I think you are amazing to be working for so long.

    • Awe thank you, I do love looking at the pics from the scan, I keep the album in my bag just so can peek at her sometimes.You are right the days at work are feeling super long, two at the most to go. I’m hoping it’s not too long away for her appearance that’s for sure!
      Thanks for the encouragement, I am lucky enough to be at a desk all day so much easier to keep working than if I was on my feet.

  3. Oooo the excitement…can’t wait to find the name! I bet it would be perfect. That pic is probably the cutest scan picture I’ve ever seen…she looks like she is peacefully sucking on her arm…awwww

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