Belated (birthday) loveliness

We’ve had a lot of packages arrive in the last few weeks. All containing little bits and pieces that I’ve ordered in preparation for the arrival of little miss squiggle. They’ve all been exciting to unwrap and find a place for and have helped me to feel nearly ready for her to arrive.
But today’s package was all for me from one of my favorite places, Page Pottery. Page Pottery are the lovely people who made our set for San San Kudo at our wedding.

They are also who have created my favourite birthday present this year.
(even if I ordered it well after my birthday).

My beautiful, excessively sized coffee cups. I look forward to curling up on a chair with a blanket, a book and far too much coffee, or maybe sometimes soup, in these stunning cups.

The love that Page Pottery put in to their work is so obvious when you take your goods out of the extremely well packed box and hold them in your hands. Their work radiates earthy passion and is really something special to own. The sweet hand written notes inside your pack helps you feel extra special too.

Look them up if you need that something special, they’re incredibly accommodating in shipping your order and just make buying a lovely experience.


6 thoughts on “Belated (birthday) loveliness

  1. these are divine! enjoy drinking out of them before the little miss arrives…………but also – having a cup of tea/coffee in a quiet moment, though few and far between with a bub, is made all the more special with gorgeous pieces like these! i’m going to check them out! i’m a sucker for ceramics!

  2. I’m a firm believer in having a big cuppa! I can’t stand drinking out of a thimble.Those are truly beautiful.. I love that they will turn an ‘everyday’ pleasure into a treat.
    Lovely photos you have taken of them, btw

    • I enjoyed a huge cup of coffee from one last night, the cup is nearly as big as my head when I lift it up. All I need now is a cafe table, some croissants, a novel and I can pretend I’m in Paris drinking my coffee. Because I’m silly like that.Thanks for the compliment, they did photograph really well.

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