36 + 3

I guess we’re on the home stretch now, little things are getting hard to do, like getting out of bed.
I think we have everything we need for our little miss, so now we wait while she finishes growing, not that there’s a lot of room left in there for her.

The room is nearly finished, bits have been washed and now the house needs to be cleaned URGENTLY, because the nesting bug has kicked in.

Lately we’ve been enjoying going to the market on Sundays for our veggies and some flowers and yesterday we went to the new butcher in our area. A million times better than supermarket food. Apart from the rude shoving people I am looking forward to taking the squigg with us, but more so when she’s bigger and I can show her all the cool produce. I’d love to grow some things so that I can show her how fruit / veggies grow.

It’s a lot colder here now so dragging my butt to work in the mornings is getting more difficult, I’m grateful for the public holiday tomorrow! Even more I’m looking forward to my last day on the 1st of July.

Still waiting for a grad offer to open up for Mr Wolff, if one came up somewhere nicer like Perth I wouldn’t complain. If an interview comes up he can wear his very late birthday present, a pair of Wolff cufflinks from Skulk of Foxes, who have a big sale on at the moment.


Anyway that’s where we are at the moment a little tired, a little ready to be done being pregnant, but at the same time savoring it. Hope winter is not biting too hard at your toes.



8 thoughts on “36 + 3

  1. Wow time flies by! Good luck with the next few weeks. If the nesting bug has kicked in, it won’t be long now!
    I love markets too and prefer to get my fruit/veges there rather than supermarkets too. Will be handy once squigg eats solids so you can get a whole box of fruit/veges and puree it all in one go!

    • I’m really looking forward to making food for the miss, especially seeing we can stick to things that are in season and super fresh. Hopefully this last little bit won’t drag on too much!

  2. My Love, you are doing soo well, working for as long as you have. Not long now. I can imagine you must be feeling really worn out? I hope you are finding time to take care of yourself.. all the market fresh fruit and vege sounds like a good starting point 🙂
    I have my fingers crossed for Mr Wolff! Surely those styling cufflinks would bring him all the luck he needs!!
    I’m so excited for you and can’t believe it’s almost time.

    • Thankyou, you really are a darling! I’m very worn out, most of the weekend was spent sleeping or with feet up so that was lovely and will probably be all that I do apart from work for the next few weeks. I have to admit being able to eat without being sick has definitely helped the energy levels and the better quality food even more so.
      I’m very excited but also a bit nervous about labour, but I’m sure it will be fine.

  3. Well and truly on the home stretch now!
    Fingers and toes crossed for Mr Wolff and the interviews.
    Those cufflinks are most likely to bring him lots and lots of luck!
    Work is nearly over and it’s time for you to slow down for a bit and get all the last bits and pieces done.
    take care. xoxo

  4. Good luck to Mr Wolff with all the interviews! I can personally say Perth is AWESOME!
    I can’t believe how close to the end you are. Can’t wait to see gorgeous baby photos soon and I bet you both can’t wait to be holding your adorable daughter.

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