Ordering ordeal

When I decided the one big splurge I made for this baby was going to be the Bloom Coco Rocker, I had no idea of it’s popularity and what it would mean in trying to get one.

I first ordered one at Baby Bunting and was advised that it would be in around the end of April. By mid May it wasn’t here so I thought I should check what was happening. The shipment is being held until the end of June and I might get it by mid July. So I decided to cancel the order.

In the meantime I searched online and found that Buyster had the colour I was after in stock and could deliver in a couple of weeks. So I placed my second order for a rocker.
A day or so after I placed the order I received an email from Buyster letting me know that the colour was actually out of stock but I was welcome to wait until September or choose another colour. Again I cancelled the order.

Mr Wolff suggested a search of eBay. I’ll be honest I told him there was no chance. I’d been searching on eBay constantly since we first got pregnant to no avail.
But as I’d Mr Wolff’s charming luck when I hit search there it was and although not somewhere we could collect it it was somewhere baby’s godfather to be can.

Fingers crossed all going well with the pick up and sending to us it looks like we are third time lucky.


To both Baby Bunting and Buyster’s credit canceling the order and getting a refund was relatively straightforward.


3 thoughts on “Ordering ordeal

  1. I know what it is like when you have your heart set on something and end up searching all corners of the internet trying to find it!! So satisfying once you have said item in your hot little hands!
    The rocker looks super cool and looking forward to seeing a pic of your Little Miss Sqigg chilling out in it!!

  2. I had an ordeal with the same rocker as well. I ordered at the baby and pregnancy fair last year and think I received it months later ( thankfully Lily was only 2 weeks old). Fingers crossed that your are third time lucky! What colour did you choose by the way?

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