Now in 3d

After work today we headed to Sound Diagnostics on the other side of the city to have a little peek at Miss Squiggle.
I was hoping to get them to confirm the sex, but there way no chance with the way she was laying so I’ll just have to have faith in the last scan.

The last one is typical of what she has done in the last two scans, it seems covering her face with her hands is very comfortable. Or she’s photo averse like her mum.

Either way I’m really awed after getting to see our girl in such detail before she’s born. 8ish weeks to go…

6 thoughts on “Now in 3d

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for the comment! It’s all going to work out for the best for both of us and we’re going to have adorable bubbies in the end. It’s just the not knowing now which sucks so I figure stuff living in the moment (at least concerning Hubby jobs) and live in the future where we’re awesome Mummies kissing our gorgeous Husbands as they go off to kick-ass jobs each morning.

  2. Oh wow! That is AMAZING!!!And I was actually informed the other day that these pics are actually 4D!
    Doesn’t she look stunning!!!
    I can’t remember how far in front of me you are… But these are so different to mine!
    Our little Bug still has a bit of weight to put on.

  3. oh wow. The detail is just breathtaking.You can tell already that she is beautiful!!
    I wish I’d had a scan at that far along, as I find those ultrasound pictures so fascinating.. more compelling even than newborn photos.. (is that weird?)
    They are just lovely.. are you having doubts that she is a girl?

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