Maternity ring

My fingers are fat, or rather fluidy. I have managed to still wear my engagement ring on it’s own up until today.But it’s pretty clear that that is over for the rest of this pregnancy. The thing is I am incredibly uncomfortable without my ring on, so it’s time for a maternity ring.

There’ll be no expensive eternity ring at this stage so a budget friendly but interesting ring is the direction we’ll be taking.

The solution – The Acrylic Diamond Ring by AMT

Via Oye Modern

At the reasonable price of AUD $30
I’m thinking of the ruby colour seeing it is the birth stone for July

7 thoughts on “Maternity ring

    • If you go to the oye website there is a link on the page of the ring and you can print out the a ring sizer. I went a little on the generous side and measured when my fingers were at peak puffiness for the day.Can’t wait till mine arrives.

  1. ooooh! gorgeous! my wedding ring didn’t fit for ages (i gained an incredible amount of weight/fluid) but i just enjoyed wearing all my pre-wedding rings, not particularly on my ring finger. i loved it too much to see people scoffing at you and eyeballing your ring finger after noticing your baby bump. its amazing, in these modern times how many people ‘look’ for a ring when they see you are pregnant. silly! and it then took about 4 months for my joints to swell down enough for me to put my wedding ring back on! now i’m going to go and check out those rings……they’d be a great pressie!

  2. I have noticed the looks a few times when I’ve been out without any ring on. I have always presumed that being really short people assume I’m younger than I am too. It kind of annoys me that people even care about that kind of thing. I selfishly hope my joints go down quicker than yours, four months is a pretty raw deal after putting up with it during pregnancy!

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