Miss Squiggles room in progress

We’ve pretty much settled in to the new house, apart from cleaning the walls and vents (and other things that I’m being fussy about)
The room I was happiest to see come together is the room for our impending miss.

It’s not finished as I have a bunny on order from Sleepy King on Etsy which will go on the chair and a change table, which I want mostly for the storage space as I never had one for my older kids.

You can see a glimpse of our rocking bear in this one, we’ve had him for 11 years now so he is getting a bit lovingly worn. You can also see we now have a sheepskin, I would have preferred to get an Australian one but it was hard to pass the price of this one in Ikea. And of course the cowboy boots we bought on a trip to Melbourne to see Bill Bailey, when we first started seeing each other.

An old chair that I picked up on eBay last May for my birthday which will hopefully be nice and comfortable for a feeding chair.

Inside the Leander cradle (another eBay steal)

The drawers with our lovely Kozyndan print, and the New York in a bag set that came from Momastore very quickly. It is tiny and marked as ‘not a toy’ yet strangely this has not stopped me from playing with it. It did turn out to be much smaller than I expected but it is a really lovely display piece and for the price I can’t complain.

So that’s the room for now, there are a few additions coming and then when she moves in to the cot we’ll change again but for now I’m quite happy with it.


5 thoughts on “Miss Squiggles room in progress

  1. Love it all!
    I’m quite keen to know what you think of the Leander cradle as this was something I was close to getting.
    We have the same blanket/bunny/teething toy pack. I got given this at my baby shower and dying to know where it’s from!

  2. It looks lovely.I am really looking forward to getting our little lady bugs room ready when we move into our new house too!!!
    I love the sheets you have in the cradle, where are they from?

    • Thanks I hope your move goes smoothly, it’s a bit of a challenge when pregnant.The sheets are:
      Bottom – Fitted Leander sheet
      Middle- Organic cotton cellular blanket from Indian Feather
      Top – Bunny rug from Pumpkin Patch
      The Indian Feather blanket came as part of a pack with the bunny that is in the cradle and a wooden teething toy, but you can get them all separately as well.

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