One foot out the door

Today we got the keys to our new place, Miss Squiggles stuff was the first car load to go around while we had another look today.
It is so much more spacious than our current digs. I can’t wait until we move in properly this weekend. There’s no actual rush seeing we are stuck with the current place for a five week overlap, but I am dying to get out of here, if we could move in tonight we would be!

But hopefully we’ll be in this weekend and can slowly clean the current place so I don’t get too worn out doing it.
I will be glad to see the end of boxes and to begin preparing Miss Squiggles room for her arrival.
I wouldn’t mind the boxes so much if they looked like this.


Ps why are places always dirtier when I move in than I would ever dare leave them when I move out?


2 thoughts on “One foot out the door

  1. Urgh moving is such a drain.. I did it twice while pregnant. I remember cleaning an oven at 7 months pregnant thinking what did I do to deserve this!!
    But still better than doing it after Miss Sqigg arrives.. it will be fun settling everything up just right for her. I can’t wait to see what you do with her nursery. I still love that rabbit print you bought for her!

    • I didn’t realise it was twice you had to move, that’s insane. The oven is definitely what I am looking forward to the least. I’m trying to hunt down the gel cleaner as it works heaps better than the spray ons.
      I’m very much looking forward to setting the room up, can’t wait to post photos.

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