Double birthday begins

Today is Mr Wolff and Tarrant’s birthday.
It’s a quiet day because Mr Wolff is sick and as usual seeing there are two birthdays in one we are stretching it out until the weekend.
But it’s not a birthday without cake – no matter how half assed this attempt was

It’s just the beginning of the great birthday wave of April – May in our family, three more to go between now and my birthday, and the big move too. It’s a busy couple of months!


6 thoughts on “Double birthday begins

  1. I think you set a very high standard for cake making with your wedding cake!I am sure this double bday cake tasted delicious!! Love the 121 candles.. lovely symmetry 🙂
    What did you end up buying your boys?

    • Thanks, I was really happy with how the wedding cake turned out even though it was a little stressful. Mr Wolffs present hasn’t been ordered yet, but my son was sadly the usual of a PS3 game, but I don’t feel too bad as it was Little Big Planet 2 and I love those games, mostly for Stephen Frys luscious voiceovers.

  2. love the 121 lila, hope T & T had a great day. We have a couple of books on the way from bookdepository for little T, let us know when you’re in the new abode and I will forward the on.

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