Baby wants

I’ve been trying to keep the baby buys to a minimum and stick to the essentials, debatable as they may be.
But sometimes you just want things you know?
The lovely Bloom Coco Lounger


And a sheepskin for tummy time


And this adorable wolf from Every Eskimo, because you know I love that wolf is part of our name


I’m not sure if we’ll actually be getting any of these things because of focus is on finding a new place to move in to before May.
Better than that Mr. Wolff has his birthday coming up, a special one, his 21st so trying to find a special present is high on the list. He shares his birthday with my son who’ll be 12 on the same day I like that the numbers are inverted but too lazy to see if it will happen again in their lifetimes.

Anyway check out Every Eskimo on Etsy, but don’t steal my wolf please?

7 thoughts on “Baby wants

  1. I think these all seem like very practical buys!
    Well maybe not the Wolf but that is just such nice symbolism it would be impossible to resist.. Thanks for the link, that shop has some real treasures.
    That rocker is so stylish.. not like the techno colour monstrosity that Bay inherited.. she does love the rocking motion though.. I leave it in the bathroom and she rocks away happily while Im having a shower etc.
    Bay also has a sheepskin for playing around on.. I had one when I was a baby and my Mum still has it.. good ones last forever.. I considered it an ‘essential’ baby item πŸ™‚

    My husbands 30th is coming up and Im also feeling stumped as what to get him!

    • We’ll probably end up with some monstrosity, especially seeing the one I like is pricy.
      We’re heading to a pregnancy expo tomorrow so it will be interesting to see if there is anything good there.
      I think guys are harder to buy for, even more so when they say they don’t want anything!

  2. I have the Bloom rocker. Highly recommend it and I still use it for Lily’s last nap. It’s so cute watching them fall asleep! Doesn’t hurt that it’s ultra stylish too πŸ˜‰

    Oh and you have to get the wolf…

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