21 Weeks

Things are just going so quickly.
Already over the halfway mark we’ve now had our 20 week scan and everything looks fine. I feel so grateful that our little squiggle is a very active healthy baby* when I know it doesn’t turn out that way for everyone.
We’ve been trying to get all the major purchases out of the way as we have to move mid-May when our lease is up so I don’t want to have to buy anything after the move that’s essential. We are really lucky in that many of the major things are hand me downs saving us a small fortune and eBay so far has provided the rest.
I’m in the middle of knitting a mobile for the cot reminding me how lucky I was to have a patient Nan to teach me, giving me the satisfaction of creating things myself and saving money!
I’ve decided to get off my lazy butt and take photos each week of the bump, I plan on this being my last pregnancy so want to document it as much as possible.

Me looking weirdly haughty / smug, you can thank my discomfort in front of a camera!

In other news I started art school a couple of weeks ago, it’s amazing but I’ve had to drop back from 3 subjects to one as I bit off more than I can chew to begin with. But even though its tiring it’s very satisfying.

*In case you want to know, squiggle is a baby girl. We aren’t patient enough to wait.


8 thoughts on “21 Weeks

  1. You look wonderful! Im loving your pregnancy attire.. perfect for summer.
    Im very excited you’re having a girl 🙂
    Great that all looking AOK on the scans…
    Glad that you are savouring your pregnancy
    Keep well xoxoxoxo

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