first belly pics and blanket

Seeing we hit 16 weeks tomorrow Mr Wolff made me get some belly pics

15 weeks 6 days


curious wednesday


Yesterday I bought this lovely blanket

I bought it at a local store The Infant Boutique the blanket is from Mamas and Papas


6 thoughts on “first belly pics and blanket

  1. Oh what a lovely little bump you’ve got going on!! Your dog obviously likes it too! hehe, has she been acting different since you got pregnant?

    So glad Mr Wolffe got some snaps and you sharing with us.

    That blanket is simply gorgeous.

    • She has been very funny with me since I got pregnant, I swear she tried to push me down the stairs early on. But she’s settled since and has just taken to sniffing me constantly and looking at me like I’m strange, but that could be me reading too much in to her behaviour.

      I really love the blanket, I’ve found so few things I like enough to buy so it was a happy accident to spot this one.

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