Last years goals and this years

So last years resolutions, or goals how did I do?

1. Have honeymoon – Done

2. Read at least 3 classics – Done

3. Grow a veggie garden – Not even close

4. Learn Spanish (or at least continue learning) – Another slack effort

5. Play the drums more – Technically I played more but nowhere near enough to what I meant.

6. Take photos – I did get off to a good start but fell through on this one

7. Fit study in around job – postponed indefinitely

8. Get a job I like or at least don’t loathe – This has worked out so far

9. Find out more about me – Still at a dead end here

10. Paint more – have almost completed one painting so not my most prolific year, but not my least either

11. Buy a really special piece of clothing for no pMarticular occasion – Half managed this but ended up reserving it for Christmas.

12. Find a quiet space to just be – Our bedroom has become a sanctuary

So overall not my best effort but some of the goals were pretty loose so that never helps.

So for this year maybe a few less.

1. Enjoy this pregnancy, regardless of illness or tiredness or any other of the relatively minor complaints it causes.

2. Get rid of debt, sell the car and pay off our loan so we can start saving for our own home.

3. Do something special for our first wedding anniversary.

4. Move closer to our friends and family.

I think four might be achievable, if fate doesn’t conspire against me.


3 thoughts on “Last years goals and this years

  1. Definitely recommending the outdoor cinema (but only when the weather’s good!). HP was really good but not fantastic. I think they stretched out parts just so they could make 2 movies.
    Good luck with your resolutions for this year and I hope fate doesn’t conspire against you!

  2. I think you did pretty well last year, all things considered!That was a lot of resolutions..
    Which classics did you read?
    I can understand why you might not want to start a veggie garden until you have a house of your own.. its so sad leaving a much loved garden behind when you move
    Scoring a job you don’t loath is a biggie, well done for that.
    Would love to see some of your photos/paintings. I always admire those who are good at art.
    Four resolutions for 2011 is much more do-able! Good luck with it all..

    • I managed to read Alice in Wonderland, 1984, Brave New World, Sherlock Holmes and another 1 or 2 that I can’t remember at the moment.I’ll try to get some decent photos of my paintings up for you.

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