8 weeks

The squiggle* is now 8 weeks.

I have managed to tell one of my bosses and most of the office, my other boss is in Sydney so the telling of work will be finished on Monday. They didn’t seem to take it too badly seeing we already have one off on maternity leave and another due to go in May.

We have nearly all of the major things sorted thanks to friends with hand me downs, and a couple of ebay steals. So now hopefully we can start getting the fun stuff and saving for maternity leave.

My favorite purchase so far is the Storksak Dori nappy bag that we have bought. As I will be going back to work a few months after the squiggle is born and Mr Wolff will be the primary carer I wanted something not too girly for him to carry around.

It has ample pockets and side opening insulated bottle pockets so that there’s easy access to any expressed milk needed while I’m not around. It also looks like it will wipe clean easily, has a little change mat and a clip for keys so they don’t get lost in the bottom of the bag.

It makes me extra grateful for friends and hand-me-downs because when I do buy things there are more resources to buy the ones that I really love.

*I think it looks more like a seahorse but Mr Wolff thinks that’s my overactive imagination, so we’ve settled on squiggle for now.

5 thoughts on “8 weeks

  1. squiggle sounds cute!
    great that you have already told work. I was so scared telling my work. Put it off until I was 16 weeks. They took it better than I thought.
    Love the bag. Sounds like you are already quite organised!
    Looking forward to hearing more.


    Man I am the worse blog friend ever. Six weeks and I missed this. Holy heck. I am doing a happy dance for you right now. Congratulations. Hoping to get back on board the blog train very soon. Miss you x

    *so excited for you!*

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