So.. “morning” sickness

This is new.

I had a breezy first pregnancy and a ravenous second, but I was never sick.

This time I feel like I have somehow stumbled in to a constant unrelenting hangover. I started out trying all the standard tips, dry crackers constant eating, they didn’t do much.

On Friday afternoon I managed to get an appointment to try a different track, Acupuncture.

I was expecting to just go in, have the needles applied and that was it. The Acupuncturist went through a few things like what the sickness felt and tasted like and made a range of dietary suggestions. For a start protein in regular small meals, which so far is making a lot more of a difference than the crackers were.

After that I hopped on to the bed and the needles came out. A couple in my legs, arms chest and one in the head. None of it was painful, maybe a little itchy at times, but I think that was more that I didn’t want to scratch. I felt a big shift in how i was feeling almost immediately, being left in a dimmed room with soft music can’t have hurt either.

I would say it was an immediate improvement of about 75% which has decreased to about 50% over the weekend.

It may not have been a miracle immediate cure but I’m absolutely looking forward to my next treatment on Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “So.. “morning” sickness

  1. Poo to morning sickness.
    I won’t pretend I’m not happy to have that behind me.
    It makes life tough.

    I’ve had accupuncture before and always found it quite amazing.
    Glad you are getting some relief!

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