Crackle and pop

If I think of all the many, many material things I love, and the point of why I love them it always comes down to the provocation of my senses or my emotions.

Music is one of the things that does this best.

Before I go on I need to add that I am not a purist or do I claim to have any taste or style, so my choice of music in particular won’t be outlined here.

The thing about music is while it makes me sing (terribly) in the car,was the subject of the best pocket dial I have EVER heard (the unnamed dialer was in the shower belting out Queen, who they incidentally claimed on previous occasion not to be a fan of, seriously best phone call I have received) and provokes the full range of emotion; I am satisfied in a deeper way depending on the format it was recorded on.

The reason that I am thinking about this is in today’s mail I received the LP we ordered as part of my Father in Law’s Christmas present.* Because I got it off eBay, I thought I should check to make sure it played before putting it away and giving feedback. Well that and the fact my curiosity was piqued by the track called Lilah.

Putting the needle on to the vinyl and hearing it track around for those first couple of loops where there is no music, just the sound of anticipation, fills me in a way that the instant gratification of downloaded music will never touch.

I am an early adopting, tech loving woman, but downloads aren’t music in the same way that digitals aren’t photos. They’re great and I would be reluctant to live without them, if I had to choose between a life of Vinyl and Film or a life of iPod and my beautiful Leica Digilux I’d be really pissed and wonder what kind of imbecile would think it was one or the other. Seriously I told you I’m not a purist.

But today with the warm spring sun beaming through our windows and the subtle crackle and pop mixed with music coming from the record player, I feel blessed to have been born in an era where I can have the best of both worlds. And where there is more than one song with my name in it even if they add a superfluous H, and weren’t written for me.

*Yes I do have a sickeningly early start on Christmas shopping.


4 thoughts on “Crackle and pop

  1. I feel exactly the same. I love the nostalgia which comes with old film cameras and the imperfections which makes it beautiful. Perfection in its imperfections.

    But digital cameras are so convenient and you can do some really nice effects so both technologies/methods should continue to co-exist. Why impose limitations and choices on creativity and art?

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