Accidental find

We did visit New York with the intention of doing some fairly touristy things. But of all the touristy things that we did this was an accident. That’s the bonus of New York being such a walkable city.

We crossed the road to god knows where and ended up, along with a pushy film crew not ours obv., on the doorstep of the Magnolia Bakery. Luckily my sweet stomach* always has room, so we grabbed some cupcakes, a red velvet cheesecake and a brownie to eat.

The film crew, it would have been nice if they’d closed the shop while they were working, so we didn’t get elbowed out of the way.


The lovely cupcakes still in their box.

A look inside.

Yummy, although a teeny bit on the dry side the flavour made up for that. A combination of bitter chocolate and very sweet meringue made these huge cupcakes bliss to eat. I put the red velvet cheesecake away to eat later**, partly because the cup cake was huge and partly because I had spotted the Lego store and needed to go check it out.

*I have a long standing theory that there are two stomachs one for sweets and the other for savoury, which explains why I always have room for desert even if I can’t finish dinner.

**Unfortunately I forgot to put it in the mini fridge at the hotel, so I didn’t actually get to eat it. I’m fairly sure that the mouse who ate through the box to get to it enjoyed it though.

5 thoughts on “Accidental find

  1. OOOOOOhhhhhhhh I found you, where have you been hiding, hey????? Now how do I follow you? Anyways, thanks for the lovely mention, we love you too! And feel free to post photo’s of Keek’s if your heart moves you, just as always be ever vigilant about our actual whereabouts. And you should try to bake the apple crumble, it is absolutely TDF!!!

    • I’m not sure with following on wordpress, I use google reader to keep track of everyone I’m reading.
      I’ve never done one with a base before so I look forward to trying it, and at least then I know something I can cook that keek can eat!

  2. I’ve had the red velvet…it wasn’t fantastic 😦

    That cupcake box bought back so many memories, we have a photo of our two cupcakes too from there!

  3. Oh I am dying to go to that bakery. That meringue icing looks insane. Can’t believe a mouse ate your other cupcake!

    And I’m totally with you on the two stomach idea too. Always room for dessert.

    • It was very cool, would have been a far better experience with out the film crew, if only my Japanese was good enough to tell them off!
      The mouse (I prefer not to believe it could have been a rat) was my own fault for sleeping with the window open and food out.

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