On Broadway, or rather off

In the final throes of putting this honeymoon together I thought it would be cool to get some culture in and go to Broadway while we are in New York.

We’ve ended up going “off” broadway because Mr Wolff is a bit of a Zach Braff fan.

While there’s something to be said about going to see a long running show on broadway, I’m happy to take the chance and see something with a bit of quirk.


8 thoughts on “On Broadway, or rather off

      • Yeah, this year has been pretty good as far as travel has been concerned.
        Still haven’t been to New York though – it is at the top of my list!
        P.s. When do you actually leave for your trip? I’m thinking you should email me your address so I can send you some love heart glasses to take away….. and then maybe once you get back we could catch up in person for coffee sometime?

  1. Jealous! I loved New York 🙂
    You’re a much nicer wife than I was a fiancee. I dragged my boy to the Little Mermaid and then after he’d suffered through that he proposed so I was really spoilt!
    It was a fun experience though when I realised the actor playing Eric had actually been Stanford’s young gay lover in Sex and the City!
    Have a fantastic time!!!

    • Thanks Jess. We nearly went to see the lion king, but when we found Trust there was no contest.
      It’s funny when you see an actor totally out of the context that you “know” them in!

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