Back away from the counter

I decided to go to the Napolean Perdis counter after work today to get some moisturiser and some new foundation.

It turned out that they didn’t have any moisturiser, but that didn’t stop me coming away with a well stocked bag of goodies.

I think the salesgirl / make-up artist definitely deserves the credit, she’s a great sales person and pampered me which is an easy way to get me to spend.

I have to say its the first time I’ve felt good about the way I look since the haircut (which I still haven’t adjusted to).

I came away with a bottle of the Skin Renewal Serum, It’s quite possibly another paranoid aging purchase, but it smells nice.

China Doll Foundation, which the make up artist spent quite a bit of time on finding the right shade and actually applying it for me.

I came home with a few other extras and some nice gift with purchases, Mr Wolff grabbed me as I came in the door and told me how pretty I’m looking (I won’t lie I could come in covered in grease and he’d tell me that), and he also said I smell wonderful.  So did my daughter, so there must be something in the smell if it grabs the attention of my very distracted teenager.

So I came for moisturiser and foundation and came away with nearly everything but the moisturer.  I think Mr Wolff will have to brave the Napolean counter in the City so that I don’t end up buying a bunch of stuff there too.


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