9-8 days

Less than 9 days to go.

I haven’t started packing yet.

Having wardrobe insecurity because I don’t want to be a bogan aussie tourist.

I had most of my hair chopped off today, I’m not so sure I should have.

It’s blonde and red and a messy bob.

Mr Wolff says its sexy, hopefully I feel that way tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “9-8 days

  1. I hope we get to see photos of your hair! But understand you have to get used to it first! It sounds pretty hot.Somehow I dont think you could look like a bogan Aussie even if you tried.
    It will probably be less trendy over there than you think!
    And you’ve still got plenty of time to pack.!
    On a side note, my sister told me she saw your wedding pictures in a magazine!

    • I’m sure I’ll get there with the photos once I get used to styling it. she didn’t quite do the fringe like the picture and I think that’s part of my problem with it.
      I’m always a little paranoid about what to pack which usually results in overpacking, so I’m trying to avoid that!
      We got a small spot in Cosmo bride which was nice, even if my comments didn’t make much sense once edited down. Still pretty exciting though.
      Hope your baby is growing happily!

    • Yeah we sent it in, I really didn’t think we’d get in there, it was kind of a joke sending the pics in. I’d really hoped they’d run with the whole getting the wedding you want / tiny budget thing but it didn’t happen.The redhead on the cover looks amazing.

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