please be summer

I’m so tired of it being cold.

The winter has drained me of creativity and left me wanting to do nothing more but laze around in bed.

I wish it had’ve been possible to move somewhere warmer. Maybe I would be a different person in the warmer weather, less complacent. Maybe I would lay around complaining about the heat. Maybe I would get off my butt and make some friends here.

We went shopping yesterday and paid way more for a pair of boots than I thought I would.

These Tony Biancos but in mocha

They’ll be forever known as my promotion boots, as the justification* for them is that my promotion has finally come through.  I am now a Transport Analyst the first in our state for this company and one of three for the company across the country.

I should probably stop wanting the winter to end so that I can get lots of wear out of them.

*I’m pretty sure I would have justified them for a much smaller reason or anything at all because I really, really love them.

4 thoughts on “please be summer

  1. YUM!

    They are worth every cent. I want a pair of gorgeous flat boots like them, I think it was a bad move on Hubby’s part saying I could buy another pair of shoes!

  2. They are on sale on the Tony Bianco website. I wore them to work today and had a ton of complments. They are on the slim side to do up is the only real fault, the leather is so soft and buttery that its worth the effort to get them on.

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