While we’re waiting

It looks like an election outcome is a little way off.
It feels like it has been forever already with a long boring lead up and having been at the polling booth at 8am yesterday.

I can only hope in the meantime that whoever gets in really thinks about what people want.  I know what I want.

No broadband filter. As others have said it’s my job to monitor my childrens internet access not anyone elses’. I am the one who should teach them to develop their morals and , to know right from wrong and how to process information to separate opinion from fact.  As a parent it is my job to help them to learn to cope with the horrible things that this world produces and to push against those things, not to hide them and pretend that they don’t exist indefinitely.

Equal rights regardless of sex.  I know both parties fall short on this but Labor are heading my shit list in this one for two reasons.  Penny Wong, the openly gay minister who is happy to ignore rights for other gay people just to tow the party line.  And a Prime Minister who doesn’t know the difference between culture and heritage.  The excuse Gillard gave for not supporting gay marriage is that it is our culture.  If culture didn’t change and adapt then we would still have a white Australia policy in place and there would be no inter-racial marrige. Anti gay sentiments belong as part of our heritage like those shameful policies that have now been abolished in response to changing cultural attitudes.  Gillard should have no personal issues with equal marriage rights as she is an atheist and therefore has no godly wrath to fear which says to me that she is hiding her homophobia behind inherited beliefs.  Clinging to outmoded societal attitudes and claiming to be “Moving Australia Forward” means I will never trust a word that comes out of her mouth.

I’m also disappointed in Tony Abbotts point of view here (although he does have religious views which while I don’t agree with do inform his point of view) he has openly admitted he is uncomfortable with gay marriage.  The next step Tony is to become informed and remove your discomfort, the decision is not about you.

The main thing here is for all politians to remember that it isn’t your personal views that are the issue, it is what the Australian people want to see in our country.  Polls have shown a consistent increase in support for opening the institution of marriage.


2 thoughts on “While we’re waiting

  1. I agree with you, those were two of my big things (along with a good parental leave policy).
    I just hated how much of an attack campaign it was. Australians aren’t stupid, why couldn’t they advertise their policies not revert to playground tactics just attacking each other!
    It’ll be interesting to see the outcome, by the sounds of things Greens are doing well. Which isn’t suprisingly considering lots of people didn’t want to vote for either of the major parties this year.

    • I agree the campaign was a child like”no you are” “no you are”, pretty sad.The parental leave was a factor for me along with the fact that I think the mining tax will be disastrous for the economy, it will be pretty hard to collect taxes when the mining companies move to less regulated countries.
      Not surprised about the Greens but also not very sure of how stable they are, I guess we will see they’ve got a chance to show what they are made of now.

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