117 days

In 117 days we will be on a plane.
We are winging our way to finally enjoy our honeymoon, having decided that what money could be saved on a cheaper honeymoon wasn’t worth missing out on making that trip special.

I have two weeks off (actually 9 working days) and Mr Wolff has his two week semester break in September.

Our flights are booked and we have a rough outline of what we are doing.  I plan on booking the first hotel this week.

We’re not however going to Paris, it just wasn’t going to work out.  Instead we are heading to New York, Vermont and Boston.  We don’t have a lot of time to fit it all in but I’m sure we’re going to have fun trying.  As a terminal tightarse I have already started moulding the schedule around free stuff.

I figure as I book things I’ll update here, as a bonus if I get lost then people will know where to look for us!


3 thoughts on “117 days

  1. Waahooo!! that is so exciting!! Two weeks is a great break and I often feel amazed at what you can fit in when you put your mind to it.. We only spent 4 days in NYC and I loved it and we saw and did so much.. We were pretty strapped for cash at that stage (we are home a week early as we run out of money!) and so we enjoyed the cheap stuff too.. picnic in Central park, trip on the Staten Island Ferry, window shopping, balcony seats on Broadway and my favourite pasttime of all- people watching. Let us know more about your plans as they unfold!I think its important to have a honeymoon, you don’t have to go far and you dont have to go for long but its so nice just to have some down time and let it all sink in..
    Also, surely you will feel more energetic about knuckling down and saving for house etc after a nice well deserved break..

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