Full of crap

Moshtix , I am so glad you are not my regular provider of tickets.
To say that your site was working is just a load.  Last year the tickets sold out in under an hour, the tickets were sold through a company that you are now partnered with. Claiming todays system failures as a lack of experience is a joke. I am also not sure how you claim a lack of experience caused the issues and in tandem deny issues with your system, but I guess that shows what kind of ethical people you are.

“We worked throughout the day on managing the massive load on our site, to speed up the buying process and the good news is that 32,000 happy punters have secured their tickets.”

Of course the 32000 tickets were sold, that’s not actually evidence of your system working.

I would expect a company with ethics to invest some of the profits from today into better system capabilities for next year, but lets be honest you won’t because at the end of the day you sold your event out and could not give a fuck whether the system is equitable or fair.

4 thoughts on “Full of crap

  1. ooh that sucks.But have just gotten home and discovered your new blog- glad that you weren’t gone for good!
    Happy to hear married life is treating you well and looking forward to seeing more of your lovely posts xoxox

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