Finding things

It’s funny that I kind of take for granted that I’ll be able to find the same things in the supermarket as I could when I lived in Victoria.  Yesterday inspired by Smitten Kitchen I decided to try making Sweet Potato Pie, it’s not something I have ever come across in Australia so I thought it was worth trying out.  None of the ingredients are anything out of the ordinary but I had to go to 3 supermarkets before I found one particular item – Buttermilk.  I had no idea that buttermilk is not a common thing in Adelaide.
In the end it worked out I had to buy a large carton but that just means we’ll be having buttermilk scones and buttermilk pancakes some time this week.

Not as perfect and pretty as the one that inspired it but very yummy

4 thoughts on “Finding things

  1. I just love pie, but it is something I rarely eat and never make. Guess I’m a bit wary of the pastry factor. You are obviously an amazing cook..I always think about your wedding cake! I also have a thing for stripes so I guess it just really left an impression on me! You talented Girl xoxo

    • I totally cheat and use frozen pastry, the brand I got this time was Borg – so Mr Wolff keeps making jokes about my pie assimilating people (big nerd reference).
      I’m glad you liked my wedding cake, I loved how it turned out, and how it tasted!
      Looking forward to seeing all your photos!

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