Eternity on my mind

I’ve been thinking about eternity rings, I know that the traditional choice is to stack another ring with your wedding and engagement rings.  I have tiny hands so I don’t think that I’ll be going down that path.  For a while I still looked at fairly traditional band designs, that idea was over when I went to my favourite jewelery website.
There are a fantastic slightly quirky range of styles but those that incorporated snakes were the main focus of my desire.

The symbolism of ourouboros fits beautifully with the eternity ring.

At the moment the rapture is my favourite

Any of these rings could hold their own on my right hand

What are you thinking of for an eternity ring?

Are you even thinking ahead already to this?


5 thoughts on “Eternity on my mind

  1. Love the last one best too.
    When do you get an eternity ring? Is it one year of marriage? Or first baby? I’m confused.
    But hey – I’m all about more bling.

    • When you are supposed to get it is a little bit all over the place, it’s more of a marketing ploy than a real tradition but…
      in the last 10 years or so it is usually 1st baby or 1st aniversary, before that it was more often the 10th or 25th anniversary which is way too long for me.
      I’m looking in to having a diamond that I have reset I think, that way I might get one before 10 years!

  2. Old diamonds are the best kind anyway – and it will save you a fortune! My ring was about a third of the price we got quoted for something similar in stores. And I love that it’s nearly a hundred years old.

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