The list keeps on growing

Now that we know our kitchen has asbestos, the list for our kitchen renovation has grown.
Because we are removing the lower half of the walls to get rid of the asbestos we have decided to remove all of the walls as the top half of the walls are quite textured horsehair plaster and are going to look weird with fresh flat plasterboard below them.

This also means that the goal of having the kitchen complete before Christmas is looking unlikely.

People reading this might think, well of course you have to plan an addition to your budget and time for unexpected things that crop up. And I agree, in this case we didn’t plan for something like this because prior to purchasing the house we had a building inspection completed which provided us with a false sense of security in this case.

All in all it’s not the end of the world, but I am left wondering what else was not found during our building inspection. There’s no point in dwelling but instead just forge forward one foot after the other and prepare for this weekend and the removal of the asbestos*.

On the positive side it means that things like a slide out hideaway for coffee and tea can be considered straight away. I was planning on stealing some space where the kitchen meets a bathroom cupboard. The cupboard won’t be helpful in the bathroom once we renovate it so stealing the space to keep my kitchen benches clear is something I’ve wanted to do from the start. It will be a little like this but going into the wall instead of a cupboard.


Image from The Kitchn

We’ll also get a glimpse of where the chimney sits under our wall and if I can squeeze yet more storage in around it. Storage is a huge fixation for me.

And we’ll see if the divide between our kitchen and lounge will be able to look something like this.


Image via Planete Deco

Or this.


Image via Down and Out Chic

I also have plans for a slide out pantry and something special down the hallway wall.

It’s all going to take quite some time but hopefully we’ll have something unique that makes the best of our small space.

*We’re now pronouncing this as arse-bestos now in an immature attempt to lighten the situation.

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